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    Jim “Cinci” Cianciolo

    President/Principal Officer and Business Representative

    Contact (734) 420-6900, ext. #103

    Cinci has been a Teamsters Local 243 member since 1969, originally employed by Montgomery Wards. While at Wards, Cinci served as a Steward for six years. In 1979 he accepted full-time employment as a Local 243 Business Representative. Cinci has been personally involved in every contract that the Local administers. 

    Cinci served as a member of the Montgomery Ward’s National Negotiating Committee and became Chairman of the National Negotiating Committee in 1994.

    Cinci serves on the Teamsters/UPS State Grievance Panel of Michigan, where he has presented grievances and fought for members’ rights.  In 1997, he served on the Teamsters/UPS National Negotiating Committee and the Central Region Negotiating Committee and on the Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee once again in 2002 and in 2007.

    As Chairman of Local 243's Organizing Committee, he has helped organize several hundred new members.

    Cinci engineered the merger with Teamsters Local 580 in Lansing, bringing these Brothers and Sisters into Local 243 and making for a larger and more influential local union. Since the merger, he has assisted the Lansing Office with negotiations at various companies, including the Jack Cooper Carhaul Local Rider negotiations.

    He worked his way up through the Union's ranks, being elected Vice President in 1984, Secretary-Treasurer in 1985 and President in 1995, the position he currently holds.

    In addition to his duties at Local 243, Cinci also serves as Secretary-Treasurer for Teamsters Joint Council No. 43 for the State of Michigan and President of the Teamsters Credit Union.

    Neil Pettit

    Secretary-Treasurer and Business Representative

    Contact (734) 420-6900, ext. #106

    Being a fourth-generation Teamster, Local 243 Business Representative Neil Pettit was raised in a family that values the traditions and strength of organized labor, and especially the Teamsters Union.

    Neil became a Teamster at the age of 18 while working at USF Holland, a regional freight company.  He worked nights on the dock as a forklift operator to put himself through college at Wayne State University (WSU), graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Labor Studies.  He also attended lectures at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

    While a WSU student, Neil worked at Local 243 as an intern for six months.  He assisted in contract negotiations, grievance hearings and organizing.  Neil also worked at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for six months as an extern, assisting trial attorneys and investigators in a variety of unfair labor practice cases, representation elections, and compliance matters.  Neil was assigned the lead role in a sizeable and complicated compliance case involving over 180 discriminatees which involved the distribution of a large amount of backpay.

    Neil graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a Master's Degree in Labor Studies.  He has attended the University of Notre Dame, Duke University and the University of Michigan-Flint, earning Certificates in Negotiations, Equal Employment Opportunity and Alternative Dispute Resolution, respectively.  Neil completed training through the Teamster Leadership Academy (TLA).

    Neil services members in contract negotiations, grievance processing, administrative hearings and political action.  He is also a leader in organizing new workers.

    Scott Quenneville

    Vice President and Business Representative

    Contact (734) 420-6900, ext. #108

    Scott first became a Teamsters Local 51 member in 1992 while working for Taystee Bread.  He was elected Committeeperson in 1995 and Steward in 1997.  He worked next at Interstate Brands (Hostess) in 2011.  After being hired in 2013 as a United Parcel Service (UPS Air Driver, Scott became a proud Teamsters Lcoal 243 member.

    Scott has years of Union administration experience, through his leadership role on Local 51’s Executive Board, serving as Trustee for three terms.  Among his many skills are grievance processing, arbitration preparation and presentation and contract negotiations.  

    Scott is currently Co-Chairman of the Michigan UPS/IBT State Panel.

    Phil Turner

    Recording Secretary and Business Representative

    Contact (734) 420-6900, ext. #107

    Phil has worked with Local 243 and its membership for over 30 years.  He is responsible for writing, editing and printing the Local 243 Mirror and adminstering Local 243's website.  Phil has assisted with the production of flyers, brochures and mailings for Union organizing drives, various political campaigns and Union community service and charitable projects.

    A graduate of Michigan State University, Phil worked as an on-air news announcer/writer for WVIC in East Lansing, Michigan.  While at MSU, Phil was News Director for the Michigan State Radio Network.  He also worked in the public relations department for both the Michigan State AFL-CIO and the UAW Community Action Program (CAP).

    Most recently, Phil was employed as a school bus Driver and Union Steward for Utica Community Schools in Macomb County, Michigan.

    Dave Bailey

    Trustee and Steward (Palmer Moving & Storage)

    David Bailey was elected Trustee in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014.  He became a Teamster in 1979 at the age of 23. David is employed in the Moving and Storage Industry at Palmers. He has served as Steward since 1998 and served on the Union Negotiating Committee for Palmers Moving and Storage the last five contracts.

    Along with his duties as Trustee, Dave also serves on Local 243's Organizing Committee and assists with Local 243 political activities.  Dave is a proud veteran of the United States Navy.

    Ernie Bell

    Trustee and Committee Person (UPS Feeders)

    UPS Madison Heights Feeder Driver Ernie Bell has been a Local 243 Trustee since 2016.

    Ernie grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  A graduate of Finney High school, he attended college at Highland Park Community College and Southeastern Louisiana University.

    Ernie became a Teamster in 1987 when he was hired by UPS.  He was a Package Car Driver for 16 years and has been employed as a Feeder Driver in Madison Heights since 2003.

    Lynne Meade

    Trustee and Business Representative (Lansing Office)

    Contact (517) 887-2944, ext. #202

    Lynne began her employment at Eaton Rapids Community Hospital in May 1987.  In 1999, Lynne and her co-workers decided that working without a union was not in their best interests and thus organized and became Local 580 members.

    Lynne was elected Steward, gaining valuable experience in contract negotiations and grievance processing.

    Lynne was appointed Trustee in Local 580 in 2000 and was hired as a full-time Business Representative in 2007.  Lynne was later elected Vice President and then President, holding that position in Local 580 until the merger with Local 243.  Lynne was elected to the position of Trustee in Local 243 in May 2016.

    Corey Smith

    Business Representative (Lansing Office)

    Contact (517) 887-2944, ext. #201

    Corey has been a proud Teamster for 20 years.  He first became a member of Teamsters Local 7 back in 1999 when he was hired at Behnke Trucking in Battle Creek.  In 2001, Corey became a member of Teamsters Local 299 as a carhauler at Cassens Transport in Detroit.  He was hired at Jack Cooper Transport in Lansing in 2007 where he was a member of Teamsters Local 580.

    He was elected in 2008 and served for three years as Committeeperson.  He was elected Steward in 2011 at Jack Cooper and served the membership in that position for six years. Then in 2014, Corey was hired as an Assistant Business Agent for Local 580.

    Corey was also elected Trustee of Local 580's Executive Board in 2014, a position he held until Local 580 members voted to merge with Local 243 in 2015.

    Over the years, Corey has gained valuable experience in contract negotiations, grievance investigation and processing, arbitration preparation and presentation and organizing campaigns.

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