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    • Employees Launch Historic Drive To Improve Wages, Security and Workplace Fairness and Respect

      Michigan Legislative Office Employees Push To Organize with Local 243

      (Lansing, MI) — Legislative office employees at the Michigan House of Representatives are engaged in an organizing campaign with Teamsters Local 243.  

      The employees initially contacted Local 243 in late January asking for help in organizing to improve wages, security and workplace fairness and respect.  Once Local 243 was called, Union Officers met with the employees to discuss strategy and outline a framework for the campaign.

      “The Michigan legislative staff wants nothing less than what all workers deserve: a living wage, equal and fair treatment and respect for the jobs they perform on behalf of elected officials and the citizens of Michigan,” Local 243 President Scott Quenneville stated.  “Teamsters Local 243 is 100 percent committed to doing everything within our power to welcome these employees into our Union and negotiate a historic first contract that will help build a better and more secure future.”

      Quenneville stated employee response to the organizing drive has been overwhelmingly positive.  He said the Union is currently circulating union authorization cards among both Democrat and Republican staffers.  He said once the desired number of authorization cards is collected, Local 243 will petition the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) for a Union-recognition vote.   

      “All eyes are watching this important and historic campaign,” Quenneville stated.  “Just like Teamsters who launched ‘practice pickets’ to win a new UPS contract, UAW members who went on strike against the Big Three to secure new contracts, and our newly-organized Michigan State AFL-CIO staff who are currently negotiating their first contract, the Michigan legislative staff employees deserve a Union contract that will provide better wages, improved security and respect, and give these employees an equal voice.  Teamsters Local 243 is fully committed to making that happen.”

      Quenneville said that this is the first phase of a multi-stage organizing drive over the next several weeks.  He said the Union will provide updates as the campaign unfolds.

      Local 243 Holds “Practice Picket” At the Michigan AFL-CIO’s Lansing Headquarters Demanding Contract Justice — NOW!

      On Tuesday, March 19th Teamsters Local 243, backed by other Local Unions and allied groups, held a “practice picket” outside the Michigan AFL-CIO’s office in downtown Lansing calling upon the State Federation to stop playing games and get serious about completing a first contract.  This informational picket was timed to coincide with the AFL-CIO’s March Board meeting.

      “We initially organized the Michigan AFL-CIO staff employees almost one year ago, on the heels of right-to-work’s repeal, and have been engaged in sometimes contentious contract talks for months,” said Local 243 Secretary-Treasurer, and lead negotiator, Phil Turner.  “Progress on a first contract has been painfully slow, and our picket was designed to show that Local 243 will do whatever we must to convince the AFL-CIO to get serious about finalizing a first contract.”

      Turner said although the Michigan AFL-CIO’s website claims that the State Federation supports “Michigan workers as they bargain with employers to improve their living conditions and workplaces”, it is time that the organization live up to those words and bring these negotiations to a conclusion.

      “Our next bargaining session is April 4th and our hope is that after today the Michigan AFL-CIO will get the message,” he said.  “However, if they stubbornly still refuse to hear what we are saying and persist in delaying a contract, we are prepared to expand our ‘practice pickets’.  What do the workers want?  A contract.  When do they want it?  NOW!”

      Is the Michigan AFL-CIO listening?  Time will tell.  Stay tuned....

      Teamsters Local 243 Files NLRB Charges Against the Michigan State AFL-CIO

      Union Cites Retaliation and Harassment of Teamster Steward and Union Organizer

      Local 243 President Scott Quenneville and Executive Board Pledge Continued Strong Service and Representation

      Business Representative Greg Lowran issued the oath of office to Local 243 President Scott Quenneville, Secretary-Treasurer Phil Turner, Vice President Corey Smith, Recording Secretary Christina Gonzalez and Trustees Dave Bailey, Scott Wood and Ken Christie.

      2023-2028 UPS National Agreement, Local #243 Metro-Detroit Rider, Central Region Rider, Michigan Rider and CSI Rider

      Click on the contracts below for a larger view



      Feel free to download and keep these with you for quick reference.

      Copies of the 2023-2028 UPS contracts will be distributed to Local 243 members as soon as the Union receives the printed versions from the IBT.

      Sweetwaters Ann Arbor Workers Host “Sip In For Solidarity” To Support Organizing With Local 243

      Baristas at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea held a “sip in for solidarity” on January 20, 2024 at the Company’s downtown Ann Arbor location to show support for the workers’ effort to organize with Teamsters Local 243.

      The Union representation election covering 60 baristas at four Ann Arbor Sweetwaters coffeehouses will take place on Thursday, January 25th.

      “We are all very proud of these young professionals who are demonstrating bravery and unity in their campaign to win strong Union representation they want and deserve,” Local 243 President Scott Quenneville said.  “Working together, we will first win this crucial organizing election and then begin the important task of negotiating a first contract that will make these Sweetwaters workers proud to become Local 243 Teamsters.”

      Sweetwaters workers received support from legislative officials, Starbucks workers, nurses, office clerical workers and community leaders.  Among those in attendance were in State Senator Jeff Irwin (D-15th), State Representative Jason Morgan (D-23rd) and retired United Auto Workers International President Bob King.

      President Quenneville said the Sweetwaters campaign is the latest push by Local 243 to reach out and organize young workers who are the key to building a strong and effective 21st century labor movement.

      Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea workers received strong Union and community support during their January 20th “Sip In For Solidarity” organizing rally.

      President Scott Quenneville and Secretary-Treasurer Phil Turner with State Representative Jeff Irwin.

      Retired UAW President Bob King (left) with Business Agent Bill Black, Secretary-Treasurer Turner and President Quenneville.

      State Senator Jason Morgan (right) demonstrated his support.
      The coffeehouse was packed with supporters encouraging the workers to stay united for victory in this important organizing campaign.

      Local 243 Wins Organizing Victory For UPS-CSI Clerks

      Office clerks employed by UPS-CSI in Romulus voted on December 21, 2023, to join ranks with Teamsters Local 243.  The workers are employed by a UPS Division specializing in importing and exporting high-volume freight.

      Several weeks ago, the workers reached out to Local 243 after speaking with their co-workers who are already Teamsters, and seeing the historic gains won by the IBT during the 2023 UPS contract campaign.

      “Local 243’s organizing program continues strong, and this CSI victory is just the latest example of how we are working to expand the rights and benefits of Teamster membership to non-union workers,” Local 243 President Scott Quenneville declared.  “We congratulate these Brothers and Sisters who are working to build a stronger quality of life for themselves and their families through membership in Teamsters Local 243.”

      Quenneville stated that negotiations for a first contract for these newly-organized CSI members will commence soon.

      Niccol Can Afford More Than A Nickel Increase For Chipotle Workers

      Unions Unite To Protest Company’s Insulting 5¢/Hour Wage Increase Proposal

      Teamsters Tell Chipotle: “It’s Time To Wrap Up A Fair First Contract”

      Click HERE for Lansing Rally Photos

      Solidarity was on vivid display during Local 243’s November 3, 2023 rally at the Lansing Chipotle restaurant.  Teamsters are calling on Chipotle to stop stalling and give their workers a contract that provides them with fair wages and an equal voice.

      President Scott Quenneville discusses the Chipotle contract campaign with a reporter from WILX TV in Lansing.  “The Teamsters are here and we are not going anywhere.”

      More than 12 months after contract negotiations began on a first agreement for the newly-organized Lansing Chipotle workers, and seeing little to no progress at the bargaining table, Local 243 held a solidarity rally outside the restaurant on November 3rd to step up pressure on Chipotle to get serious about finalizing a first contract.

      “The Teamsters are here and we are not going anywhere,” Local 243 President Scott Quenneville declared.  “We are demanding that Chipotle stop playing games, stop dragging their feet and get serious about bargaining a first contract.”

      Quenneville said that in 2022, Chipotle reported massive earnings of $8.6 billion.  In addition, Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol pocketed more than $17 million last year.

      Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol’s Message To His Workers: $17 Million For Me ...  A Few Pennies For Thee

      “While CEO Niccol takes home more than $17 million, he offers workers an insulting five cent raise,” Quenneville said.  “Chipotle workers are worth more than a nickel and this is why we will continue standing firm to get these hard-working young men and women a first contract that provides them with better wages, hours and an equal voice on the job.”

      During the rally outside the Lansing restaurant, Local 243 received support from a diverse group of labor and political allies:

      Teamsters Locals 247, 299, 283, 337 and 406;

       Representatives from the Michigan State AFL-CIO;

      State Representatives Angela Witwer and Donovan McKinney; and

      • Nate Engle, Director of Community Engagement for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

      In addition, Michigan Speaker of the House Joe Tate called President Quenneville prior to the rally kickoff to express his support to the Chipotle workers in their ongoing contract fight.

      “This was a great display of solidarity, but it’s only the beginning,” Quenneville said.  “If Chipotle thinks they can erode workers’ resolve with delays, they’re wrong.  Our Chipotle members are more determined today than ever.  Teamsters demand Chipotle stop wasting time and give their workers the fair contract they demand and deserve.”

      Teamsters Local 243 and Michigan AFL-CIO Demonstrate Continued “Picketline Solidarity” With UAW Stellantis Strikers

      On October 13, 2023 Local 243 President Scott Quenneville, Recording Secretary Phil Turner and Business Agents Bill Black and Christina Gonzalez, along with our newly-organized Teamsters from the Michigan AFL-CIO in Lansing, outside the Stellantis Mopar parts plant in Centerline to support the ongoing UAW strike.

      “Michigan Teamsters are proud to stand with the Michigan AFL-CIO in a strong demonstration of picketline solidarity with our UAW Brothers and Sisters at Stellantis, Ford and GM who continue fighting for a strong and just contract," Local 243 President Scott Quenneville declared.  “We will remain steadfast in our strength until the workers receive a contract that truly rewards them for their commitment, loyalty and hard work.”


      Local 243 and Local 247 Join Picket At Ford Wayne Assembly Supporting UAW Strikers

      Solidarity for Justice with UAW Ford Strikers

      Local 247 Secretary-Treasurer Tom Ziembovic (left), Local 243 President Scott Quenneville and Business Representative Bill Black.

      Teamsters Local 243 and Local 247 Union Officers and Business Agents “held the line” with UAW strikers at the Wayne assembly plant on September 22nd as the UAW strike against the Big 3 continues.

      Local 243 President Scott Quenneville said Teamsters stand ready and willing to join the fight for a fair contract — wherever and whenever the call for help goes out.

      “We are here supporting our Brothers and Sisters in the UAW in their fight for justice and a fair contract,” President Quenneville said.  “Just as the Teamsters did at UPS, UAW members are standing united in their fight for a strong contract.  We are proud to join this protest against the corporate status quo whereby CEOs rake in millions while workers scrap, picket and fight for pennies.  UAW workers deserve better and Michigan Teamsters are committed to helping them win this strike.”

      Quenneville Leadership Team Elected Without Opposition

      Local 243’s Newly-Elected Executive Board

      Front row (left to right): Recording Secretary Christina Gonzalez, Secretary-Treasurer Phil Turner, President Scott Quenneville, and Vice President Corey Smith.  Back Row (left to right): Trustee David Bailey, Trustee Scott Wood and Trustee Ken Christie.

      On September 4th, Local 243 President Scott Quenneville and the members of the Quenneville Leadership Team were elected, without opposition, to a three-year term starting January 1, 2024.

      The newly-elected Executive Board Officers are:

              • Scott Quenneville, President
              • Phil Turner, Secretary-Treasurer
              • Corey Smith, Vice President
              • Christina Gonzalez, Recording Secretary
              • David Bailey, Trustee
              • Ken Christie, Trustee
              • Scott Wood, Trustee

      “We thank Local 243 members for their unanimous support of our team and our member-focused agenda to build upon our Union’s successful past to guarantee a brighter future for all Local 243 members,” President Quenneville said.    

      Quenneville praised current Local 243 Secretary-Treasurer Greg Lowran and Trustee Ernie Bell for their years of service on behalf of the membership.  

      “Brother Lowran decided back in 2021 to come out of retirement and help our Union transition following the retirement of President Jim Cianciolo,” Quenneville said.  “Even though Greg has decided to step aside as Secretary-Treasurer, he will continue putting his experience to work as a UPS Business Agent.”

      Earlier this year, Trustee Ernie Bell announced that he would be stepping down as Trustee at the conclusion of his UPS career this year.  

      “Both Ernie and Greg have served our Union with dedication and distinction,” Quenneville said.  “We wish Ernie happiness in his retirement and look forward to continuing to work with, and learn from, Greg Lowran for years to come.”

      President Quenneville also welcomed newly-elected Executive Board members Christina Gonzalez and Ken Christie.  Sister Gonzalez, a current Business Agent, is Local 243’s new Recording Secretary.   Meanwhile, Brother Christie is the new Trustee, replacing retiring Brother Bell.

      “Christina and Ken are well known to UPS members with decades of experience,” Quenneville said.  “Both are excellent additions to our team who will refine our mission of providing first-class representation to the members.”

      UPS Teamsters Make Contract History

      Click below for details about the 2023 Vote

      Local 243 Members Ratify the Metro-Detroit UPS Rider By 87.6% to 12.4% Margin

      (Click graphic above for the complete UPS vote tally)

      Local 243 President Scott Quenneville Discusses Tentative New UPS Agreement During Fox2 News Interview — July 28, 2023

      Click photo below for link to interview

      Local 243 Wixom Members Stand United During July 21st UPS “Practice Picket”

      Local 243 “Practice Picket” At UPS Adrian Center, July 20, 2023

      Local 243 President Scott Quenneville with UPS Adrian members at their 2023 “practice picket” outside the Adrian Center on July 20th. 

      President Quenneville updates UPS Adrian members on the status of negotiations as the July 31st strike nears.

      Local 243 UPS Members Conduct “Practice Picket” Outside Shelby Township Center On July 19th 

      Click below for video

      Local 243 Holds “Practice Picket” At UPS Madison Heights On July 18, 2023

      Local 243 members rally outside the UPS facility in Madison Heights.



      (Above, Left) State Senator Mallory McMorrow encouraged UPS members to stand strong as she pledged support from Lansing lawmakers to UPS members fighting for a fair contract.

      (Above, Right): Business Representative Bill Black, State Senator Mary Cavanaugh, President Scott Quenneville and State Senator Rosemary Bayer at the Madison Heights “Practice Picket.”

      State Senator Mallory McMorrow speaks to UPS members at the Madison Heights “Practice Picket” (click above for video link)

      President Scott Quenneville discusses the status of UPS negotiations as the August 1st contract expiration deadline approaches. (click above for video link)

      Local 243 members march outside UPS Madison Heights. (click above for video link)


      Local 243 Conducts “Practice Picket” Outside UPS Taylor As Possible National UPS Strike Nears


      Teamsters Local 243 UPS members joined a "Practice Picket" outside the Taylor, Michigan building on July 14, 2023 as members continue demonstrating solidarity with the IBT in its push for a new UPS contract.

      Michigan State Senator Darrin Camillari, a pro-worker champion who spearheaded the campaign to repeal right-to-work in Michigan, joined the picket as a public display of his support for UPS workers in their right to negotiate a fair contract.

      UPS Taylor members give a "thumbs up" in a demonstration of Teamster contract solidarity.


      (Above, left) State Senator Darrin Camilleri (left) with Local 243 President Scott Quenneville and Secretary-Treasurer Greg Lowran.  Camilleri pledged his full support to UPS workers in their battle for a fair contract.

      (Above, right) Local 243 members demonstrate their readiness for a possible national UPS strike.



      (BELOW) UPS members march in UNITY outside the UPS Taylor building on July 14, 2023 (click below for videos)

      “Practice Pickets” Continue Outside UPS Ypsilanti As Company Stares Down August 1st National Strike

      On July 13, 2023 Local 243 UPS members continued showing their readiness to fight for a strong contract with practice pickets outside the UPS Ypsilanti facility.

      Talks between the Union and Company broke down when the Company abruptly walked away from the bargaining.  Now, with just days to go before a potential nationwide UPS strike, IBT President Sean O’Brien continues standing firm on his pledge to win the strongest UPS contract in history.

      “They’re [the members] rightfully demanding what they’re owed,” President O’Brien posted on Twitter.  “It’s time for your company to do right by the Teamsters and our members’ families.”

      Local 243 UPS Members Show Contract Solidarity with "Practice Pickets"

      (click photos below for video)

      Local 243 Secretary-Treasurer Greg Lowran mobilizes members at the "Practice Picket" on June 30th outside UPS Livonia.

      UPS Livonia Members Carry Signs Proclaiming "Just Practicing for a Just Contract!" 

      UPS Members Declare: "Just Practicing for a Just Contract!" 

      Teamsters To Chipotle Shareholders:

      Support the Right of Employees To Organize

      “Chipotle claims they’re engaging in good faith, but we still have not even seen a legitimate first offer, let alone an agreement after eight months,” said Local 243 President Scott Quenneville.

      Local 243 is committed to securing a first Union agreement that will give these hard-working Chipotle employees an “equal voice” on the job for dignity and respect.


      Teamsters Local 243 Supports Starbucks Workers United In Their Current Organizing Campaign For Workplace Justice

      Local 243 Business Agents Bill Black and Christina Gonzalez, along with Michigan State Senators Darrin Camilleri and Erica Geiss, joined the May 22nd rally at Riverview’s Young Patriots Park supporting Starbucks Workers United in Allen Park and Riverview in their organizing campaign for fairness, dignity and respect.

      Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien Visits Local 243 UPS Livonia Members On March 27th

      Click here for additional photos of IBT General President Sean O'Brien's March 27th visit to UPS Livonia

      Check out the May-June Local 243 Mirror for more information about IBT President Sean O’Brien’s visit with UPS Livonia members.  Click here

      Local 243 Wins Voluntary Recognition For Michigan AFL-CIO Employees

      Field and Campaign Organizers, Training and Communication workers and Legislative Staff at the Michigan State AFL-CIO in Lansing became Teamsters on April 27th as the AFL-CIO granted voluntary recognition to Local 243 as the employees’ Bargaining Representative.

      Click Here For More Information

      Click Image Below For Larger View

      Central States Pension Fund Awarded $36 Billion Rescue Grant In Victory For Teamster Retirees

      Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien joined President Joe Biden during his presidential address about strengthening the U.S. economy for Union members and retirees on December 8 in Washington, D.C.


      Workers at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in Lansing, Michigan, voted overwhelmingly on August 25th to join International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 243, making it the first of the restaurant chain’s 3,000 locations to organize.

      In addition to the security of a powerful Teamster contract, workers are forming a union to improve their work schedules, increase wages, and gain the respect from management that they’ve rightfully earned.

      "The Teamsters Union is home to 1.2 million workers, and all of us are fighting for our brothers and sisters at Chipotle to get the rights and workplace protections they deserve,” IBT General President Sean M. O’Brien declared. “Now is the time for working people in this country to take back what’s theirs. No matter your industry, no matter your age or how intimidating your employer may seem, you too can protect your labor with a union. The revitalization of labor is really just beginning.”

      “Chipotle pulled in revenue of $7.5 billion last year, and just as we’re seeing workers of all ages and backgrounds across the country take on these corporate giants, it’s so inspiring to see Chipotle workers stand up and demand more from a company that can clearly afford it,” said Scott Quenneville, President of Local 243. “The Teamsters have these workers’ backs. They’re going to have a union they can be proud of and that knows how to get things done.” 

      Local 243 Unity For A Strong 2023 UPS Contract

      Click photo(s) below for a larger printable view

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